Maha IndraJaal


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Maha Indrajaal
INR 2500/- (Within India)
Maha Indrajaal Medium
INR 3500/- (Within India)
Maha Indrajaal Big
INR 9000/- (Within India)

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           Shipping charges extra as applicable. (Out of INDIA)

Indra Jal or Maha Indrajaal is a very renowned product in the astrological & possesses a religious history. This Maha Indrajaal is a root of a special plant, which is very rarely found & known for its magical effects, if activated properly. It is used to get rid of any ill or evil effects, Nazar Dosh, clear out the negative energies around, activate the positive energies, guard the place against theft, activates luck of the occupants. For immidiate / faster results, it should be placed your House, Office, Shops and Factories. Indrajaal is also filled in talismans. In scientific language, it is known as Sea fan. These are genuine products available for cheap and can prove very beneficial.